Details on the Great Warning – Part 7

7 January, 1997

OUR LORD: “Sweet children: the only topics which I wish to speak about in this final descriptive essay/lesson for February on the Great Warning are the advance signs that it is coming and what to do after it is over. My Mother has advised you that many signs will appear in the Heavens and on Earth to forewarn you that the Great Warning is imminent. She stated that a large white cross would appear in the sky and all will marvel at its size and the duration it is visible. It shall be visible for 24 hours during the week prior to the Warning. Another advance sign is the exiting of all the birds, squirrels, rabbits and other small animals in nature. They will leave and not be seen again for many months. Many will die.

Of course the most critical of all signs shall be news that the Holy Father has left the Vatican and cannot be found. This news will be followed by the news that the Bishops and those Cardinals still alive, or able to vote, will elect a new Pontiff. They will then have a “fake” funeral for Pope John Paul II who will be very much alive, but in hiding. Due to the war-like conditions in Italy and Rome, the Vatican officials shall declare the Vatican is moving to Jerusalem where a Judaeo-Christian alliance will be signed supporting the new Pontiff. The new Pontiff will declare his support for Maitreya as the ruler, teacher and prophet for the next millennium. In so doing there is established the two-headed beast described in the Book of Revelations – Saint John’s Apocalypse. My sweet children: some of this shall occur behind the scene, but much shall be given great media attention. If all these signs are not enough you will have even more.

During the week before the Warning, My daughter, the Secretary – shall with many friends – make phone calls to all parts of the globe to tell you. Believe Me, you may not need such a call for all shall be so obvious to you. But We shall do this.

Interiorly you will also start to feel the influence of your sins. Yes, even before the Warning. As well, many will begin to see images of evil spirits, as well as spontaneous Visions of Angels and Saints, for where there are evil spirits, We provide also good Angels.

You will also notice a great bottoming-out in the stock market and a real financial panic. The ups and downs of the financial community will be evident. At the same time talk of wars and retaliation shall be in the news. A much larger media story will be the approach of the comet and speculation on how big it is, where it will hit the Earth and the problems caused due to its collision with the Earth.

That then describes as complete a series of signs that Heaven desires you to have. They are multiple. If you miss one sign, you have another as backup. We want you all very aware that this great event will take place, and its purpose. Knowledge of the event will help save souls and the desired result of this event more achievable.

Now let Us discuss what you will do following the Great Warning. The way I see it there shall be massive loss of homes, property and lives. People will be clamouring to find a Church, a Priest and Catholics to teach them the faith. There shall be many with no homes or possessions; many who are sick and suffering illnesses – some new and unexplained – and some caused by nuclear fallout. There will be vast areas which have fallen into earthquake fissures or sinkholes, and while the news is on the airways, all the talk is about hospitals, Red Cross, government support to rebuild. This is typical in disasters, but there will be an exception to the usual plan. The exception will be that there are few people to help, and the Insurance Companies will not have the funds to help rebuild homes.

There will be discussions of bug infestations and loss of crops, high prices of food and lack of good water – but in every way people will be helping each other in charity, because the news media will be is forecasting a great cold which is the aftermath of the comet. You and your family will need to regroup, to assess the damage and determine where you stand:

  • Is there work to return to?

  • Will the schools reopen?

  • Is anyone ill?

  • Has the house been damaged?

  • Do you still have a car or gas? [gasoline?]

  • Do you have enough food, and where can you find some?

These and other questions shall occupy your time. Of all these questions and problems, you also will want to visit a Church, to seek Confession; try to help with new converts. You will need to see if you can get there. Do you have a bike or horse? Can you hire these? Are you prepared for the next event?

Now is the time to pray that you will hold on to your faith and not be led to evil ways due to the difficulties of the times. You will be under extreme pressure – and little things like stealing food or hoarding food, lying or cheating, may creep into your lives. These are sins remember! You must try to avoid sinning as you felt the severity of the punishment due to sin during the Warning.

My children: I shall help keep you in food if you, in charity, share a little with your neighbours. Do not give a lot – that is not needed – but you must share in charity in order that I can help you in charity.

Now will be the time for you to share the spare clothing I asked you to put aside, and the blankets also. In charity you help others and I will never abandon you. Oh, My sweet children: these times shall be different, difficult – and most of you have never experienced anything like them. You have never experienced war-like conditions. This will be like the times of war; of disasters; of tragedy.

Yet as you know this is only the first of the great events. Next comes the plagues of insects and the great cold period. Then comes the war – a nuclear war; a retaliatory war; a war of bitterness, as well as the installation of the world leader, Maitreya, the persecution of Catholics and then the Great Miracle.

I shall describe more on the Great Miracle, yet another Seer shall speak of the date of that event. The Seer of Garabandal shall announce the date of the Great Miracle, which shall come within the year following the Great Warning.

We of Heaven await these events and pray for you all to have courage and persevere in the faith. We Love you all. I hope you have found these lessons helpful.

Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity – God.”

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