Details on the Great Warning – Part 6

6 January, 1997

OUR LORD: “Now, My sweet children, I need to speak to you about what you should do during the Great Warning. Since you will receive some notice ahead and know also something is about to take place, you will be able to think a little about your available stock of food and water, and bringing inside what you need from the barn or shed or closet. Yet this time shall be short, so do so as soon as you can, if you have room.

Since also the Sun implosions shall come at dawn in a month in which the sun does not rise early, later you will hear and see the dramatic beginning to that day and know what is coming next. Immediately find the coverings for your windows and get out the candles and matches to be lit. Sprinkle your home with Holy Water and clean up everywhere, quickly, so all can assemble to pray. Children need to be dressed as well as adults. Try to pull together (sic). [Have] all your Rosaries, and if your statues are not in the place where you will pray, bring them to the room.

Now you await the white cloud which will cover all. Pray until it arrives and try to pray throughout these days. Remind yourself and everyone that God Loves them, forgives them for their sins and you will help them when they begin to experience any pain or suffering.

I have asked you, previously, to try to help those elderly who are living alone to come earlier to stay until all is over. Some may refuse, saying they wish to be at home – so if you try, that is all I ask. If they are willing, make room for them to pray, to stay, to eat, to sleep as they are able.

All shall experience the call of God to confess their sins and feel the interior heat of suffering for sin, and in reparation. I have promised you who are prepared, have made a good general confession and prayed to have an intense, yet shorter understanding of your sins, so you may help others. I promise you this. Therefore, your role will be to help all in your family cope with their feelings, their sorrow, and to pray. Next you will have to advise them what is taking place outside with the elements, the comet, the various plaques. They will now listen to you, for you will be calm and direct in your voice tone and all will understand how much you know is the truth.

No one should be permitted to look out or go outside, as I have explained. This will be very difficult, but tell them exactly why and ask Jesus and Mary to help you speak of these events in an authoritative manner.

It would be good to bring animals into your house, but if you cannot, put a Saint Benedict medal around their necks. Some animals will be protected in safe areas. Other places the animals may be injured or become ill, as I have explained.

It would be good to think now about what food you could give fast to those who are hungry – and how you will cook it, or if you will serve it cold. Have cups ready, and water. Consider that water may not be in the pipes so alternate sewage waste disposal should be planned using plastic bags and large covered tubs.

If you have had a prayerful home, a holy home, you will receive an extra degree of safety. Pray that the Angels will protect you against fire or storms. Now begin to pray; read stories to the children, and help them to keep busy. Try to arrange ahead of time extra games and books. Remember very young babies and children will be placed in suspended sleep so do not be concerned. Let them sleep right through it all, even several days. It is the other children and adults who need to be kept busy and awake for prayer.

Your whole thoughts now need to be directed to prayer. Pray that the Warning ends quickly. Pray for souls, who may despair, that they understand the Mercy of God and repent. Pray also for yourselves and in reparation for your sins. Pray that the Remnant Church may become available for you. Ask Saint Joseph to help you. Pray that the peoples of the world will say Yesto God and Noto Satan. Pray, pray, pray many Rosaries!

Keep a watch throughout this time. Have someone awake to keep guard against intruders or vandals, especially in areas where flooding and earthquakes cause great turmoil and destruction. Pray also that you as a family survive. Pray for other families, for your relatives and others. Abandon yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and plead for their intercession on your behalf and on behalf of all mankind. Pray also for those who declare for Satan, to receive from God the wisdom to know their errors.

Pray that the world may confess that God exists and seek the forgiveness of their sins. Please pray for all these things, yes, but especially pray that your faith will hold and that you will have the courage and Grace to persevere.

Oh My child, I have offered you a format to follow during the time of the Great Warning. You may include other things, but I would not take away any I have suggested, for these are very basic to your survival. These days you will struggle to survive as the economy becomes more volatile and food is more scarce. Pray you have enough and ask Me to replenish your supply. I can do that with your trust and faith.

After you read these Messages, try to pray a Rosary that you will hold on; you will cope. Life as you know it shall never be the same again. Try to help your family to understand that.

My sweet children: We of Heaven shall help you if you call upon Us. We will come to your aid. Give Me your lips to speak through well and effectively. Ask My Mother for Grace for your family, for this is the time for them to believe you and prepare.

Remember, My children: We will never abandon you, yet you must go through the Warning, as the Eternal Father has decreed this.

I Love you. Jesus”.

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