Details on the Great Warning – Part 2

2 January 1997

OUR LORD: My dear children, as I have begun this series of lessons on the Great Warning, I will continue on this theme describing to you other events to occur during these days of the Great Warning. By now I have sensitized you to the personal struggle each person will have to confess the sins of their lives and to seek ways to overcome their faults. This will cause a great, deep, impression on each person and cause many to become desperate, fall into despair, and lose Holy Hope. Many will take their own lives, while others will see ways to die. Some will die of the natural elements caused by the fires, earthquakes, floods and other disasters which shall come upon the Earth. It is this series of events I wish to describe in this volume and the next.

At the same time that the while cloud shall descend to cover the whole Earth, a meteor shall strike the Earth, first with its tail touching parts of the Earth, and then the full impact of the meteor will touch down in an area in the Western Hemisphere of the planet. Those of you familiar with the result of a meteor hitting the Earth will recognize the effects I describe.

First, the effect shall be a cloud of dust so great that it will block the sun and all the Earth shall become as night. The dust from the meteor shower shall bathe the Earth, leaving dirt everywhere and burn the land and the skin, if you are outside. The vegetation shall die and those caught outside will die of these burns. Animals shall suffer illnesses and need to be destroyed. People who must go outside, which is not recommended, shall need to take extreme precautions against the dust and chemicals released by the clouds of meteor debris. No one, it is recommended, should go outside, and all windows need to be covered so the dust does not enter your homes. This covering shall be for many purposes. This is only one reason.

What you can then expect will be most dangerous. Due to the extremely flammable nature of this dust cloud and its dangerous toxic gases, many homes shall catch fire and be destroyed. And yet this is only the beginning, for more dramatic events will occur.

Due to the extreme impact of the meteor on your planet, there will be produced the greatest of all earthquakes spoken of in the seventh bowl in the Book of St John’s Apocalypse. It states this bowl is the most powerful earth-shaking earthquake. Indeed I have reported earlier that the entire top layer of your planet’s surface shall shake for up to 20 minutes in some areas, causing all homes which are not holy and prayerful homes to be destroyed, or severely damaged. This earthquake shall produce great fissures in the planet’s top layer, producing large cracks and sinkholes into which whole cities shall disappear. The earthquake shall range from 8.5 to 10 on the Richter scale in various areas, which are near or far from the impact site of the meteor.

All earthquakes of any magnitude cause disruptions in gas mains, in electrical lines, in telephone service and other services, while highways shall be destroyed and buildings crumbled. It shall appear as though the Earth has been destroyed, but it is not the end, only the beginning!

In addition to the meteor and the great earthquakes destroying cities, homes, services, vegetation and making all appear as night, there is yet another event to come – more horrible than these two events – and that is the appearance of animals of a variety, from small flies, ants, lice, beetles, grasshoppers, and rodents, which will infect your homes, persons, food supply, and make your life a continual watch. Continual cleaning will be necessary. These animals will come out of the earth during the earthquake and begin the series of plagues you shall encounter, as prophesied in the Scriptures. Homes will need to be checked, clothing washed, while you encounter the elements. I can not emphasize too earnestly that the full effect of this great event has phenomenal influence upon every aspect of your life. This is the decree of My Eternal Father.

Many asked if these events shall have a pre-occurrence. Will we know it is coming? Yes, indeed. You will all know through your media that the comet will be coming. You will also feel, interiorly, advance knowledge that something Spiritual is about to take place. You will recognize the signs and hear reports that the Great Warning is imminent. So, yes, you will know it will occur.

Pray very hard, My children, and make your homes holy, for your world will literally stop rotating; your sun shall be blocked from your view; your days of turmoil shall last what shall appear to some to be interminably long, but only about a week. Of course the after-effects of these great events will be horrendous. Some may never live again as they now do. Many shall be homeless. The loss of life shall be staggering, as over one-fourth of the world’s population shall die during these events. And yet there is more to come both during these events and afterwards. Many people will not know of these events and will have not prepared.

Some people have dangerous, toxic, agents and nuclear plants near them. There will be disruptions in these chemical plants – and nuclear fallouts over vast areas, can be expected. Though the nuclear missiles will not be deployed at this time, some may explode themselves due to shock waves from the earthquakes. Thus many people will receive nuclear burns and suffer diseases from nuclear fallout. Control of these toxic elements will not be possible unless the plants are closed down or shut off completely.

Many people shall suffer from falling debris and a shower of acid rain. The great cold shall begin sending the temperatures to plummet to 80 degrees below zero. This is an effect of a meteor hitting the Earth. It shall occur just following the time of the Great Warning, in a matter of months, but over those months you will notice the temperature decreasing, even though the weather should be getting warmer due to the season. The great cold shall last 7-15 weeks.

It is hard to imagine yourselves in these conditions, but I have been telling you about them for many years. My Mother once said that you need to look at Bosnia – the former Yugoslavia – and the other war-torn countries, to appreciate what your world will be like. Here, with the Great Warning, you have conditions which are similar to war, but not the same, for the war is yet to come upon you. Now I will tell you about the evil spirits. Jesus.

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