Details on the Great Warning – Part 1

1 January, 1997

OUR LORD: “My sweet children, My Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary and I, with Saint Joseph, have determined that these entire sets of Messages shall have one theme, dictated by Myself. Since the entire public Messages shall be distributed as one document assembled for easy distribution. This document shall report as clearly and simply stated as possible, the scope of knowledge previously reported in these and other Messages that Heaven wishes you to know on one theme. That one theme is:

The Great Warning

It is appropriate My Messages given to My daughter shall include this information, as she is the Precursor of the Warning. As Precursor she has, through these Messages and in her public talks, given information as directed by Heaven to alert you to this great event. Yet few understand the magnitude of the event, nor the upheaval such an event shall bring about in their lives.

We have tried by many means, through many Messages, to help you understand its significance. We have inspired people to write on this subject for others to understand what will take place. We have suggested to you for years and years that the Great Warning is approaching, yet are met with only partial understanding and little preparation.

This is no easy task for so much could be stated. So much has been stated, but I wish you all to know as completely as possible what My Eternal Father proposes to let take place during the Great Warning. I wish to begin by stating that it is not easy for My Eternal Father to let such a great event take place, for He knows – as I and all of Heaven know – the great world-wide crisis which will result. We saw what the consequences were in Noah’s day with the great flood, and recognize also the total devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah. We saw the effect of meteors hitting the Earth in another era. We saw the ice age which resulted.

We – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost – determined that if it were again necessary to cause, or permit, such devastation, it would also be permitted that there would be an opportunity for people to learn from the experience – and thus not all peoples would die, or become totally incapacitated during the event.

That said, I want to caution you all that though We will permit life to continue, even by some who are Our enemies, that its influence and the effect of this Great Warning will be of such magnitude that many will want to die.

The world has now reached such limits of sin and sinning that My Eternal Father has lowered His Hand permitting all arranged with the Heavens – with the Angels and all of the Heavenly personages – to now take place. We only await the sequence of events to take place which instigates/starts the whole of the ‘end days’ events. Now I wish to describe the great, beginning, event in the series of events which constitute the ‘end days’ events.

  • Yes, the Holy Father must flee the Vatican.
  • Yes, he will be protected.
  • Yes, the Anti-Pope will be elected.
  • Yes, the Seat of Peter will be moved to Jerusalem.
  • Yes, the Antichrist’s world domination will occur.
  • Yes, the war will begin.
  • Yes, the economy will collapse.

All this will occur simultaneously with the approach and fulfilment of those events which constitute the Great Warning. I say, “simultaneously and during”, to show you that many things will be happening in all parts of the world at the same time. It is important for you all to recognize that the problems, written about as one type of concern or another, will all occur at the same time, or nearly all together. Yet all these events are not the end, for that is yet a few years away. That is, this set of events is not to be confused with the “three days of darkness”, because that takes place at the end of the years of crises. The three days of darkness is the nuclear war and world-wide conflict by all countries having nuclear missiles. Everyone will be shooting missiles at other countries, in retaliation. This war will be the mastermind of the Antichrist to destroy the permanent images left at the time of the “Miracle” – The Great Miracle to occur just before the last three days of darkness or the absolute end of this era as you know it.

Now, My children, I speak plainly and directly, but you will need to read all carefully several times to learn all I am teaching you. There are many, many, reasons why the Great Warning comes near the beginning of these events. My Father’s Plan includes a means for all peoples to change their lives and to understand the truth. God exists! God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity did become man; did suffer, die and rise again. The Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is whole and entirely present in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus Christ has been much maligned by Communion in the hand. Jesus Christ wishes His Holy Presence to be kept in a Tabernacle within the Sanctuary where Mass is said.

Also during the Great Warning all shall recognize how they have and do offend God; what Grace they have lost or gained; the Truth of the origin of the Catholic Faith and its supremacy among Faiths. All persons of all ages who have sinned will see the Justice of God in their punishment for their sins -and then and there experience the suffering and punishment. Each person will come to understand that God is God and no other shall be set before Him. God is and can be only in the Most Exalted and Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost. There is no other God. There is only one God. Yes, all persons shall recognize this and declare it. All evil spirits shall declare it. All Heavenly personages shall declare it. There is but one God in the Blessed Trinity. All, all persons who have sinned shall declare they have sinned. Each person shall know their sins and declare that God is justified in their punishment and, if they died at that moment, their eternal destiny. Yes, all shall see their eternal home – Heaven or Hell – if they died at that moment and they shall feel the enormous burden to be carried for eternity as a consequence of their sins.

My sweet children: knowledge of your sins shall be brought to you by the Blessed Virgin Mary Who shall come on that day as the “Morning Star” and lay down a blanket of white so that none shall move from under it – nor will you be able to function for some time. All will stop. All machines will stop; all peoples, wherever they are, will stop. My Mother is “Our Lady of Mercy”, and by Her Tears and prayers, said over many centuries, has won for you the opportunity to beg forgiveness for your sins and to prepare for this time.

It has been reported by some, and restated by others, that this period of time will last a short time. I say: “No!” What was shown to the girls at Garabandal was of short duration so they could express it to others. The reality of the time/length of the Great Warning has been best expressed by My Eternal Father when He said: “It will take as long as needed for all to state God exists and ask for forgiveness. This could last a short time for some, but much longer for others. The experience could take a week for some people. Indeed Maitreya has stated this is his warning, and so if his people continue to offer him homage, their time to linger in the pain of sin shall exceed others.

All people shall linger in the pain of their sins as long as required. Those who have confessed completely, done reparation, offered Purgatorial suffering, and have prepared, will experience less severity, yet all will recognize what they have done, what sins they have committed and recognize their share in the Crucifixion; the pain and suffering I experienced for them – each and every one – on the Cross of Salvation. Then each will know how, due to their life’s sins, they have Crucified Me again and again. In addition, every Grace used well – and all used or unused during each person’s life – will be shown them.

If you perceive this as a mighty examination of conscience, yes, it is intended to be such. That is why the lines at Confession at the first opportunity will be so tremendous. That is why all of you are called to have a good knowledge of your Faith so you can teach the many who will greatly desire to join the Catholic Faith. You are called to be Disciples of the Faith during that time. That is why I have so earnestly taught you the Faith in these Messages. Please read your lessons again, to be prepared.

Now, knowledge of your sins, confessing to God that you have sinned, is but one and the first great – occurrence which shall occur during the Great Warning. There are many, many, more events to occur during the Great Warning. That is why it shall be so difficult. This difficulty has been planned by God, so that in all your senses, in all your events of life, in all the ways you currently function, you will feel a disruption, a change, some pain and suffering. These sufferings are to account for sin in all its forms. This suffering will occur in every aspect of your life. There is no aspect of your life which will not suffer. Why? – to account for the disrespect for life; to offer you a means of reparation; to have you understand that you must suffer your Cross. You Crucified Me by your sins. My Eternal Father asks you to suffer for the pain you have caused Me, especially the blasphemy against life, moral and spiritual blasphemy against God as well as to suffer for those who have, and do, offend God so greatly in the Holy Eucharist – Jesus.”

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