Details on the Great Warning – Part 3

3 January, 1997

OUR LORD: “Sweet children, I will continue describing to you the nature of the Great Warning. This volume will describe what the evil spirits – Hell’s demons and the Antichrist, Lucifer – will be doing and where they will be going. I am speaking plainly to you so there are few questions. Indeed, My daughter has already asked Me to clarify a few statements. These were: ‘”How long shall all remain unmoved when the white cloud descends?” The answer is: ”Until all feel the sense of sin. Inanimate objects shall remain unmoved for some time, that is, until the comet hits and earthquakes begin.”

Now, My children, the reason given you to have covered your windows when you feel all is beginning was to avoid seeing the evil spirits which will be given permission at that time to show themselves to you. This reason would be sufficient, I believe, yet there are other reasons as well, including your need to secure yourselves against falling glass from broken windows, to secure your homes against infestation of insects, to avoid seeing the Wrath of God, and maintain some peace in your hearts that God will provide you some security against those who will be wandering about the streets in a state of shock, or who have become crazy with grief, despair, or who have been possessed by the demons. In all charity to your families, you will want to cover your windows. For those intent on helping others at this time I suggest you wait, for if you venture out you will be killed by the acid dust and not able to help anyone. Wait until the crisis has passed, the dust settled, and quiet has returned. I assure you there will be many left to help.

Now during these hours the howling of the evil spirits will be heard at your windows. Some voices will be of your family members imitated by the evil spirits to make you open your doors. Do not do so, because if a person is outside, whether family or not, they will die, so you know for certain the voices are false and only evil spirits trying to get into your homes. If you do open a door, you will see these evil spirits and you will need much holy water and prayer to fight them off, and not have them enter. The evil spirits from that time will be given permission to show themselves to you to dissuade you from your prayers and try your patience to sin. These encounters are designed to persecute you and cause you to forsake God. You must be strong and pray to Saint Michael to help you with his Warrior Angels, daily.

These days are nearing the end of the time when Lucifer shall be allowed to roam the Earth. He knows his time remaining is limited and thus he is making a last stand to obtain souls. Souls are his strength; he feels the more he can obtain for Hell the more powerful he is before God, the Father. He will declare how great he is before God the Father because he has achieved so much – so many souls. Instead God the Father shall crush him into Hell. Oh, no, he shall not ascend to Heaven as is his intent – rather he shall descend to Hell like a fly swatted with a fly swatter. He has no privileges in Heaven. His place for eternity is Hell. There he shall rule for eternity. Hell is that great abyss of hatred; of fire; of torment; of evil; of demons. Yes, that is his place to rule in his pride.

Lucifer speaks to those he controls – by their free will – that he rules in his kingdom. Well, yes, but it is and shall always be one of torments, of hatred, of foul smelling, sulphur, seas. The Eternal Father will also demand of all souls in Hell a recognition that He is God – yes, even at the Warningbut particularly at the General Judgement. All those in Hell will come forth and be judged in body and soul. God the Father shall be justified. Thus, for all eternity, they shall know of what they have missed, why they suffer and what they could have enjoyed.

It is to Hell that the demons will try to pull souls. They hate God in the Most Blessed Trinity. They hate all those who love the Eternal Father and live their lives in Sanctifying Grace. They, therefore, will pour out their venom in words and physical abuse upon souls marked by the Cross. If they themselves do not do so, they will inspire others to do so – and the persecution of the faithful shall become a daily occurrence for all.

I have been asked if those of other Faiths will suffer more than Catholics. My Catholic friends, there are many Protestants who live the virtues of the Scriptures with great earnestness. These will be given the Light and Gift of Faith in the Catholic Faith. They will, however, suffer to the extent of their sins, as will all peoples of all Faiths. All Catholics have more to suffer than others, for they have received special Sanctifying Grace through the Sacraments.

I have also been asked if children will suffer. All children who have sinned will suffer in proportion to their sins, just as all adults will suffer in proportion to their unconfessed sins.

Let Me now speak of adults and children unbaptised. All children and adults who are not baptised shall feel the full impact of Hell’s true suffering. They will know it is caused by not being baptised. Immediately following the Great Warning many will harass them greatly, as they do not want to lose these souls to God the Father. Pray for them to follow their consciences, and be baptised. Of those who do not become baptised, they will have made their decision and shall go to Hell then, or later during the three days of darkness, for only those prepared will enter the Reign of Peace. All others will die. That is, all those who live by Satan’s rules will perish. It is for this reason I can truly say only one-fourth of the known populationtoday, if that many shall remain alive to enter the Reign of Peace. During these days of the Warning, they will be forewarned. If they choose not to become baptised or give themselves to Satan, that they do of their own free will. God is justified.

The very elderly and persons who are very ill will be shown Mercy, either through suspended sleep or taken ahead of time in Rapture. All people who are prayerful, holy, virtuous; who truly try to lead good and holy lives, will be given a special Grace. All will know their sins and punishment, yes, but special Grace will be given to these to overcome their fears quickly, and be relieved of extended personal suffering. This is just, as these are truly trying. Jesus.”

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