Details on the Great Warning – Part 4

4 January, 1997

OUR LORD: “My children: it is in this Volume I wish to speak of those conditions which have been spoken of in many Messages, yet you may not clearly understand where they will fit into this Plan of God. Just as My daughter has asked how, when, how long, some things may take, I will try to anticipate your questions.

One of the first questions asked by a member of My daughter’s Rosary Group when she read these Messages to them was: “Will the miracle still come within a year from the time of the Warning, or has that changed?” The answer is: “No, the timing of the Miracle is still to be within one year of the Warning by it may be within a day or two of the end of the end of the year’s time.” The Miracle is another story, My children, and not to be confused with the Great Warning nor other prophesied little warnings, tribulations, persecutions, trials, plagues, wars and other devastations.

Since the time of the three days of darkness follows “closely” after the Miracle, many people may perceive the word “closely” to be within a few days. No, My children, “closely” could mean six months to a year after the Miracle, but I assure you from Heaven’s view, and yours, it will occur close behind the Miracle.

I wish to give you the benefit of arithmetic. If the Warning occurred one year, the Miracle could occur the next, and the three days of darkness by the next year. Since all shall occur before the end of this century, and there are three years left before the end of this century, you can count what must take place. It is pure arithmetic. Now some events may occur within the years rather than at the end of a year’s time or things could happen in such a way that to occur all within a year’s time, for if the Warning occurred one day, the Miracle could happen in six months (that is within a year’s time), and the three days of darkness within another six months.

So you see it is not wise to speculate on exact days, just be prepared at every moment. You can see what must take place and the events to plan for. Just be prepared. No one knows the exact date except My Father in Heaven. This is still true, but many on Earth, as in Heaven, know the approximate time. This is so My Father – with My Mother – can decide the most advantageous time. My Mother is using every second to gain more souls for Heaven and for God.

Do not desire all this to occur. Prepare yourselves with the building-up of Grace and Sanctifying Grace, for the time of persecution shall exhaust your sensibilities and you will have need of every Grace you can earn.

Another question you may ask is whether it will be safer in areas of safety during these days. Of course, because the Angels will offer greater protection; but I assure you, you will not be immune to the earthquakes, the comet’s effects or the sufferings from fallout. You will be more protected from the evil spirits and the pestilence. Your areas will not be destroyed by the fires. Your land will be green – and vegetation, animals and homes will be preserved, unless there are sinful people, places and events in these areas. They will feel the total effects of these devastations. That is why, even in safe areas or homes, you need to cover your windows. However, the Angels will help you greatly.

You do know these safe homes and areas will be taken into the Reign of Peace. These places will then receive special help and protection and be better off than other areas.

My children, you will also want to know about the ways you can deal with family members who do not return to the Church or confess before the Warning. These persons will receive special Grace, due to your prayers, but each will need to respond to this Grace after the Warning, individually. You can’t save another who remains obstinate to God’s Call, but continue to pray that sometime they will respond, even moments before they may be taken. Remember, perseverance in prayer for souls is rewarded by Heaven, whether they are alive or deceased. Those in Hell cannot be helped, but prayers offered for them can be used for others, and the Grace won through prayer will be offered to you to be consoled and understand the Justice of God.

My children: I wish now to speak of the beginning of the Great Warning. For some days you will know that natural events on your planet have changed. For some days you will recognize that there will be a Spiritual event about to occur, for already you will feel an awakening to your sins. The tremendous explosion spoken of in prophecy, followed by the white cloud descending upon all, shall come about when the sun has several implosions. These implosions are the sign that the Blessed Mother is coming as the “Morning Star” to cover the Earth with Her Mantle, a thick cloud of white; a thick layer. She shall begin from the International date-time zone and proceed East to cover the Earth. That morning you shall all see the sun rise at the same time due to these implosions. Close your doors, cover up your windows, begin to pray. Do not look out.

Next the comet will strike the Earth, which has stopped its rotation – and the white cloud will hold all in place. The Earth shall continue to rotate again after the effects of man’s sins have been felt by all, and the events of nature proceed. The white cloud shall dissipate after all feel the effects of sin.

The shaking of the Earth shall first be caused by all things stopping and then by the tremendous impact of the comet, then by explosions and then by earthquakes. The covering of the moon and the sun shall be caused by the dust caused by the comet. This will last all during the Great Warning. so you will be in darkness for some time. You will need blessed candles so they will stay lit during these days and also for some warmth. Homes and cities will be washed away in the earthquakes and floods. Various stars will fall from their positions.

The next great occurrence, but of no harm, will be the great thunder which will be heard 24 hours a day for all the week of the Warning. In fact, it is when you no longer hear the great thunder that you recognize it is all over.

There will initially be deadly silence, but then great thunder shall rattle homes and windows, doors and all your goods. Fire, heat and lightning shall be in the atmosphere produced by the cosmic dust, the comet’s tail and dust from its impact. These are the effects, impact, from the comet hitting the Earth. Fire and lightning will cause damage – even in closed homes – where sinners live. These are homes in sin.

Oh My children, is this not better than a deluge? Is this not better than all to be wiped out in a single thunderbolt? At least you have a chance to live; to amend your lives; to confess your sins. Yes, though severe, this is better.

Now, as a result of these crises world-wide, the Anti-Pope and Antichrist shall come forth and declare many ways to rebuild the Church and the world. Woe to those who follow their heresies and lies. This time is when the Remnant Church shall exist. This will be the time the Apostles and Disciples of the Blessed Virgin Mary shall provide you Holy Hope and Faith. Jesus.”

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