I suffer much as I think of those poor souls who will die during The Warning

Mother of Salvation: Crusade Prayer (19) Prayer for young people

Friday, 13 January 2012 @ 08:00
My child, I am sorrowful today because I suffer much as I think of those poor souls who will die during The Warning.
You must ask for urgent prayer for these souls, who anger My Father.
Their behaviour is an abomination in his eyes.
Please pray, pray, pray for these children of the dark, many of whom do not know what they are doing.
Their wickedness causes My Son to weep and his wounds to fester.
It is important that as many souls as possible are enveloped into the arms of My Son at his Divine Mercy.
Please ask for this crusade of prayer to be said to me, the Mother of Salvation, to save these poor children.
Crusade of prayer (19) prayer for young people
Mother of Salvation, I ask you to pray for the mercy of young souls who are in terrible darkness so that they recognise your Beloved Son when he comes to redeem the whole of mankind.
Let not one soul fall by the wayside.
Let not one soul reject his Great Mercy.
I pray, mother, that all are saved and ask you to cover these souls with your holy mantle.
To provide them the protection they need from the deceiver.
My child, all souls are important to My Son.
But, it is the young souls in mortal sin, who hurt him the most.
Pray that the light of mercy shines through the darkness of their minds and souls.
Pray that they will reject the terrible lives of depravity and emptiness that they lead.
Pray that they will reach up and beg for mercy.
Otherwise, they will never receive the graces they need to enter the New Paradise.
What a loss these young people will be to the rest of you, who will accept the gift of The Warning and enter the new era of Paradise on Earth.
It will break My Son’s heart if they cannot be saved.
Your Beloved Mother
Mary Queen of Heaven
Mother of Salvation

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