The ‘illumination’ and the third world war will soon be upon you

Jesus spoke to Christina during her visit to the Chain Houses of Prayer in the US, October 2012;

“My little one, you are the vessel chosen to bring this mission to the fulfilment of fruitfulness. This vessel is to be the means of My guidance of you, My people in the darkened days of My justice.

My Mother cries tears of blood throughout the world in the hope that the hearts of Her children may respond. The world has little time to prepare for what it is about to endure.

There will be earthquakes, drought, diseases and hunger in the Americas and throughout the world. Listen, My people, hear and respond as I have called you for even worse turmoil is on its way. The locusts will come and devour you while you are spiritually asleep. You will ask how and why this could happen. You will know the reason why it happens – because I have called you but you have remained deaf. My people I have called you but many of you do not want to know Me.

The time of My justice is here. Part of My justice is upon you now. The rocks from the glaciers will hit you but you will fail to understand what is happening. The earth’s plasma is boiling up, beyond your understanding.

I desire that you read this message to My people of the Americas and the world, that they may hear the call of Eternity for the time is short for mankind – that they may hear this call and understand through My Spirit My love, loyalty and mercy to them. I desire My people of the Americas and the world to listen and hear the truth. I, the Lord who loves you and who gave My life for you, desire that you receive My love and mercy before it is too late. The word ‘late’ means ‘now’. The Lord your God says to you the word is ‘NOW’. Listen and hear. I love you. Respond.

My daughter, I do not want you to fear the evil upon the world. I want you to be aware more deeply of the afflictions of those who do not desire to respond.

The world is in its decline to such a degree it is beyond human understanding. Respond now because there will not be the time.

When you meet the people of the Americas tell them how I desire their response. You are My mouthpiece, you are My instrument, Christina. You have been My instrument all these years and that of My Mother, but always in My Spirit. I love you and I desire that you fulfil My Will not only in your isle but in the Americas and throughout the world. If they could only listen, understand and respond!

My Mother has come to the people of the Americas pleading for mercy for Her children but I am Jesus, the Lord and God and many have rejected Me and My Mother for so long.

The ‘illumination’ and the third world war will soon be upon you. The choice will be yours. Many, many sufferings will be upon you through My justice- hunger, plague, disease and great calamities- but those who desire to conquer will live by the Word of God. Those who will die permanently will be those who will reject the Word of God. I am He who is and will be forever, Jesus your Lord and God who redeemed all. My mercy I desire to prevail and reign with all My people for eternity.

Although My Mother is denied the privileges given Her by God and is so rejected in all that She stands for of Truth, all that belongs to Her will be upheld in shining armour through My Sacred Heart. Mercy will be shown unto the world through Her because I have given unto Her the unity of My Heart. The unity of My Sacred Heart will shine through Hers and through the unity of Our United Hearts, My Mercy will flow unto the world, but justice will also reign. The justice will be enormous and painful… My justice so many have drawn upon themselves through sin… It will come upon them like a darkened night. My dearest children, you who have responded to live by My Word, do not be sad or frightened. You will be in the light and safety of My Mother’s Heart when this takes place throughout the world. I tell you the entire world will experience the darkened night which will last for a number of nights.

Where you will not have the Blood –My Blood- that will protect you, I desire you to have the shining armour of Love that I have asked for through My Mother- I mean the picture of My Mother with the Roses- because through the gift of that picture every such household will have safety and protection for all that reside therein. Death will pass over every house where the Holy Rosary is prayed and this image is depicted. Mock it now but when you witness the Truth being fulfilled you will cry out for it but it will not be available to you. Many will be like the foolish virgins risking My Life in their soul.

Sin is multiplying faster than wild weed as I told you, My daughter, many years ago how fast sin would multiply. Now you see it… anger in the hearts of everyone, the need to destroy, murder, maim – there is no limit. There is so much desire for murder and bloodshed in so many hearts, beyond your understanding. I have told you much of this before.

The hemisphere will be darkened and I will come forth in the Light of My Father’s love and mercy but sadly only to bring justice for those who disobey My Law. Time is very short. My people, how can I make you understand the importance of My servant, for your sake, in My call through her to you? I have so often called for her protection for she is the vessel that I will fill with My mercy in calling you before it becomes the time of My justice. My people, if only you could realise the enormity of the need you have for this vessel you would be alert to protect it with everything in you – but you do not. You fail to recognise truth.

I am the Lord your God, the Alpha and Omega, now and forever.

My daughter, I tell you those in My Church who desire to remain in darkness will be drawn into My justice. My daughter, be not afraid to reveal what I tell you. Make it known to the world. That darkness has festered for many years and has caused Me to weep tears of blood for the many, many souls lost in its path. The purification of My Church will be greater than the purification of the world.

My dear little one, I want you to be always conscious that I am He who is, was and will be forever and all things are possible when, with an open heart, you permit Me to act. How I love you and in My love, how My Father cherishes you. My Spirit will forever fill you with Light and Life but you must be always prudent where your enemy is concerned. He is everywhere to bring you down and to bring down Truth.

I say to you My people, you have no perception of the enormity of this mission’s importance but I tell you wake up and respond more vigorously than ever before. Cast from you all fear because when the calamities come upon the Church and the world, you will be brought into a perfection of My love and into a perfection of My life. You lack courage and confidence and the will to fulfil My mission. Take courage from Me. I am He who will be forever.

There are many voices echoing that the end of the year will be the end of the world. It is My Father’s Will and timing that will dictate the end of the world, not man. Time has its sequence and through Me, His Son Jesus all things will be brought about by My Father. Yes, there will be many calamities from earthquakes and tsunamis to volcanoes and twisters, hunger and strife among many. The lightning I once told you about to be “low and dangerous” is now in your world. Pray, pray for My wisdom and grace.

Past this year of 2012, many calamities and much desecration will occur. All things will be reduced to nothing. You will see the depth of hell and he who is anti of Christ reign upon earth. Do not weaken. Be strong.

My beloved people of the Americas, you will be denied your basic needs- something which you have endured already but it will be increased many fold. I want you to know that it is not My desire that you suffer in this way. Many will be treated in a manner beneath their humanity. Those who are in the unity of anti-Christ will flourish and those of you who believe in Me will be detested. Calamity after calamity will befall you, My dear people of the Americas and My people throughout the world. How it grieves My Sacred Heart!

My Church will be brought down as swiftly as night turns to day and those therein will not understand what has happened to them. There are those within My Church who place themselves in such a position as if they were Me. They make judgements and use their authority to bring about what is not of Me. I say “woe” to such a one for I will bring him down. He will have much to endure in My justice for the lies and deception that have been propagated against truth and against My work. Only when he is brought to his knees will he recognise he is not Me, but My servant, and a poor one at that. Such as these do not bring souls to Me: they bring Me nothing but shame. Their belief is non-existent. It is as if they serve another god, but not Me.

My daughter, you proclaim what I tell you. Have no fear.

Gerard, I recognise your suffering for the sake of your brethren united in My priesthood. Be at peace.”

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