Conchita on The Warning

The Warning – Conchita

Conchita told us that the Warning will be like “two heavenly bodies or stars colliding that make a lot of noise and a lot of light, but they don’t fall.” We are going to see it. It will horrify us because at that very moment we will see our souls and the harm we have done. In that moment we are going to see our conscience, everything wrong that we have done, and the good we are not doing. It will be as though we are in agony, but we will not die by its effects, but perhaps we will die of fright or shock to see ourselves. The Warning is a purification to prepare us for the Miracle. Conchita said the Warning is a type of catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is, we would prefer to be dead than to experience the Warning. Conchita revealed to us that it would be very fearful, a thousand times worse than earthquakes. It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly. Conchita said that if she did not know what the Chastisement was, she would say that the Warning was worse than the Chastisement. Conchita seems to be saying that the Warning coincides with celestial phenomena of some sort when she says, “two heavenly bodies or stars colliding….”

During an interview, Conchita said the duration of the Warning is about five minutes. In an interview in October 1968, in answer to a question about the Warning, Conchita said: “The Warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by science. It will be seen and felt.” According to Conchita: “The Warning will be a purification, a preparation for the Miracle, and everyone will see it. It will make people aware of the evil that they do with their sins.”

Father Joseph Pelletier, the noted Marian scholar, asked Conchita about the Warning of Garabandal. Conchita’s answer on June 19, 1965, is as follows:

Here in writing is the warning that the Blessed Virgin gave me when I was alone at the pines on January 1st of this year, 1965. The Warning that the Blessed Virgin will give us is like a chastisement. Its purpose is to draw the good nearer to God and to warn the others. I cannot reveal what the Warning will consist of. The Blessed Virgin did not tell me to announce it. Nothing further. God would like that through this Warning we amend our lives and that we commit less sins against Him.

To the question posed by Marian and Garabandal scholar Father Laffineur, whether the Warning would cause death, Conchita replied in writing: “If we die from it, it would not be from the Warning itself, but from the emotional shock that we would experience in seeing and feeling the Warning.”

On September 13, 1965 Conchita’s statements were said in response to questions put to her:

Q. Will the Warning be a visible thing or an interior thing or both?

A. The Warning is a thing that comes directly from God. It will be visible all over the world, in whatever place anyone might be.

Q. Will the Warning reveal personal sins to every person in the world and to persons of all faiths, including atheists?

A. Yes, the Warning will be like the revelation of our sins, and it will be seen and felt equally by believers and non-believers, and people of any religion whatsoever.

October 22, 1965 Conchita’s statement to a Spanish woman is in reply to a question whether the Warning might be a comet that was approaching the earth, Conchita said: “I don’t know what a comet is. If it is something that depends on man’s will, I answer—no. If it is something that God will do, it is quite possible.” When the woman expressed fear and asked Conchita to pray for her, the latter replied: “Oh, yes, the Warning will be very fearful, a thousand times worse than earthquakes.” To an inquiry concerning the nature of the Warning, Conchita answered: “It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly.” She added, “We shall comment on this later. All nations and all persons will experience it in the same way. No one will escape it. Even the non-believers themselves will experience the fear of God. Even if you hide in your room and close the blinds, you will not escape it. You will feel and see it just the same.” And again, “Yes, it is true. The Blessed Virgin gave me the name of the phenomenon. It begins with an ‘A’ but she did not tell me to reveal it to anyone.”

As the lady again expressed her fear, Conchita added: “Oh, but after the Warning, you will love the good Lord very much.” To the question: “What about the Miracle?” She said, “The Miracle will not delay in coming.” Conchita added an interesting observation: “Although it is taking time to come, it will not be late. God’s time is always the appropriate time.” An important note should be added. When Conchita describes the Warning as being “like fire,” she means that in some way or ways it resembles fire but that it is not fire.

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